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We are thrilled to announce the films selected for the 2021 Feminista Film Festival & Tour. From musical pursuits to outdoor challenges, these women are change makers and trail blazers.You’ll definitely be inspired to turn up the music and start planning your next adventure!

Kim I Am - Singer-songwriter Kim Hill met a young rapper who suggested they start making music together.That rapper’s name was will.i.am, and the group became the Black Eyed Peas. The rest is history— or is it? Run Time: 13:41 Director: Ben Proudfoot

OK Chlöe - Chloe Swarbrick is New Zealand’s youngest MP. She’s a member of the Green Party, theLGBTQ+ community and an inspirational figure to millennials everywhere. Learn what it’s liketo be a revolutionary member of parliament in a political system disconnected from those itrepresents. Run Time: 08:45 Director: Charlotte Evans

The Other Fab Four - Meet The Liverbirds! In the mid-1960s, four teenagers from Liverpool were changing the face ofpop music. Their names were Mary, Sylvia, Pam and Val. Run Time: 16:28 Director: BenProudfoot

Par For The Course - The Mirnavator is back! Mirna Valerio is a runner who advocates for body positivity. This is asuper short film with a big message. Run Time: 03:40 Director: Kody Kohlman

Кerli - Shadow Works - A strikingly visual and intimate look at the music and creative process of Kerli, an Estoniansinger/songwriter and philosopher. Kerli calls herself a magician; The Girls’ Network calls her AGoddess! Run Time: 13:45 Directors: Anastasia Zazhitskaya, Georgius Misjura

Wood On Water - Hannah Maia spent forty days canoe tripping in the Canadian wilderness with twelve youngwomen. They were cold, bug-bitten and boob-deep in a muskeg bog while carrying incrediblyheavy canoes on their heads. It was fun! Run Time: 45:00 Director: Hannah Taylor-Bird