Rated X (2020)

  • Music
  • 51min

RATED X is the duo collaboration of video and sound artist Tomas Jefanovas and performer, writer and musician Christopher Brett Bailey.

Tomas Jefanovas pulls futuristic visuals out of retrograde video technologies to sculpt a psychedelic vision of space and time. Christopher Brett Bailey rages and croons and plays sleazy fuckin’ saxophone. He is an Illuminati Jazz Lizard crash landed from a distant planet.

Together they create something chaotic and cosmic. A meditation on holes, voids and mirrors. A ritual of high intensity. A sensory overload. A ketamine film noir.

The movie is compiled from live performances and rehearsals in London at The Yard Theatre, Rio Cinema and Vogue Fabrics in 2018.

This upload is up-resed HD video, originating from an SD DVD. You can buy original DVD release from tomjef.com/shop or store.christopherbrettbailey.com. The release includes a printed booklet about the project and signed and numbered art print by Tomas Jefanovas. Limited edition of 50.

More about the artists: ratedxproject.com tomjef.com christopherbrettbailey.com




United Kingdom

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Footage from live performance at the Yard Theatre in London, 2018. Filmed by Ben O’Connor.